Clear-knowing & Clear-feeling

Well if you have clear knowledge, you know more. That more is usefull for others. The same with clear feeling. Both gifts are used by mediums and psychics. For example, you want to know whether your boyfriend is faithful to you. With the gifts a medium can see that. Because she knows more. She will never acuse somebody, she knows it. Just like that.

A lot of people think this is a fraud, well I can tell you, real ones always see the right things and will tell you the truth. Many people who are searching for help, start talking or chatting with spiritual helpers, not only because they want to know there future, but also because they don’t know the answers for themselves anymore. They lost their way and are looking for answers.

In this way they find support and understandig bij spiritual helpers. They are not emotional involved in the situation, and they see very clear what is happening. They give the caller or the chatter answers and insights about the situation now, how it became this way and solutions for the future.

The caller or chatter will finds peace again, and can reorganize his own life for the best. In this way a spiritual helper can you see as somebody who is a coach, or counselor. Using his gifts and his skills to help people who lost faith in life.

In a way, as I already said we can alle see more and we all know more, but what we see is very limited. Because we think in limitations. And limitations ensure that we don’t see the situation in fact. Too much emotions are involved. A medium can see clearly and will actually outline the situation for the customer.

She uses her gifts, she sees more, what she sees is spiritual. She lives in another dimension and that is why she can see more. It is not shadowy at all, what most people think. It is a good view from a situation and answers why everything has escalated. So in fact she helped the customer with a sketch she makes from the situation.

The customer sees the sketch also and start thinking about it on his own. That is the strength of a good medium. After the chat or the call the customer hangs up with peace in his body. Emotions flow away from the customer’s body. The body get more balance. Not only the head is working hard, the customer starts to feel again. And the feeling is needed to regain peace and oversee the situation.

In this way spiritual counselors are those who help the clients to find themselve back again. This is vere valuable. So many people who lose themselves, not knowing how to solve their own misery.

All these people needs help, and fortunately there are spiritual help lines where all these people can go to regain their power. Clear-knowing and clear-feeling, if you have these gifts, many people can take advantage of it.

If you are depressed, in a relation where you are not in the right place? If you feel unhappy in life. Just talk with a psychic, they give you insights and strength for a happy life. You are the chance, no one else can do it for you. So be the chance, your body deserves it.