Do the seasons affect your mood?

Do the seasons affect your mood?Do the seasons affect your mood? Some people really believe and feel that seasons affect their mood. Does this also happen to you? What kind of feelings do you have when the seasons switch? Each seasons has a different outcome on the feelings of people. In this blog we will be talking about the possible feelings that people can have in each specific season.

Spring is often considered as the new beginning, people feel energised and are inspired to start with new things. For some people the spring also gives a sense of nostalgia. The smell of freshly mowed grass and the start of the first flowers who are growing. This is a time of new possibilities.

The summer is the peak of the season. During the summer some people are really at their best. It is a time of barbecue, summer parties and the time that a lot of people travel during their summer holidays. However, for some people the summer is considered to hot and they prefer to stat inside with the air-conditioning.

During the autumn, the decay starts. You will see that the beautiful leaf’s will go back to the earth to make sure that the eco system gives back to itself. For some people it is a sad time, since they will miss the flowers and the beautiful leaf’s on the trees. But without the autumn, the trees would not grow. It is a balance within itself and it needs to be reset.

During the winter, nature will have it’s reset. It is the time that people will come close together for the holidays and they will keep each other warm at the fire place. Like in summer, there are also people who do not like the winter times. They will get sad and come in a so called “winter depression”. It is important to stay happy, even during the winter. Our psychic mediums are here to help you, also during the winter months.

Let us help you during the seasons
Each seasons has their benefits. The key is to have spiritual consulting throughout the seasons with our psychic mediums. You can take a look at our website to see which psychic medium is available in which season