Feelings of Depression

A lot of things are happening and we have to much stress in our life. You forget to take good care of yourself and you feel not good insight. Everything is to much and you want nothing do to anymore. But your head says. You have to. You can’t take a period of rest. Go on. And so you do. But after a while your body is not responding anymore and a flue is there. Your resistance is getting low. Despite your head is saying, go on. Your body says, I can’t go any further, please give me some attention. Give me love. I need it so badly.

Your body talks to you
If you only listen to the conversation in your head, you don’t hear the voice of your body. You start neglecting yourself. If you don’t here your inner voice, you start to walk past yourself. Depressive feeling are there.

You get tired, listless, irritated, but you show no attention to it. Your partner is in your eyes the bad guy. And he gets the full low. And still you don’t listen to what your body is telling you. Know that every pain you feel, is a signal. Even a headache is a signal. Yes, you can take a pill for it, but if you neglects the signal, a deprssion is on the corner.

Your life is your house
Remember, the only thing you own, is your body. If you don’t take good care of it, you will get depressed. Is that what you want? I have to do so many things. My work, my house cleaning, my children. I can’t just stop taking care of it. Yes you can, if you want. If you know how precious your body is. Neglecting yourself is the stupid things you can do.

Taking good care of yourself
Beware of a depression. By listen to your signals in your body carefully. Take a rest in time. Nobody will say to you, it is not allowed. Have fun in every step you make. Laugh a lot. About your own mistakes. Don’t be perfect. Mistakes may be made. Go outside with your children. They will remember that. Cook easely, but healthy and clean the house later. Take time to rest and do not worry.

Tomorrow is tomorrow and as you live your life the easy way, there will be a nice tomorrow.

If you need help, chat with a medium on www.qmediumchat.co.uk A medium is more than predicting the future. A medium is also a coach, or a counselor who can be a depression therapist. So it is easy for you to have a chat. Just from your own house, you can have support for your depressive feelings.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. A medium will always be kind and listen to your story. She can give you good advice. And can tell you what is the best for you to do. If you don’t feel happy sometimes, that is OK. But if it start to happen to often, you have to talk about it with someone.

Always, always put yourself first in the line. If you don’t take good care of yourself, you can’t be there for others. A good medium will give you advice how to learn to love yourself first. How important it is for your health and your strength and to live a happy life with your husband and kids together.

Dear regards, Von www.qmediumchat.co.uk