To fullfill desires

Is it better then to have no desires then? No, have desires in the right way. People often go through it and his entire soul and salvation will fall on that desire, so that the effect will have on life now and you will push the desire away from you.

If you want something
If you talk, because you want something, have that in yourself and keep an eye on. Falling in love with someone who meets you once and hopes that the other person will see you and you can hold on to this for months and all kinds of frills will get you in the perspective of that other person, says something about you.

Your whole being is directed to wanting to satisfy the desire in you and everything you do has a counterproductive effect. You want control over it, you want the other, but is it the right way you want the other? You feel insecure and for that reason it is a good idea to talk or chat with a medium on

Only actions who are pure will fulfill desire
Add to that, that being busy with something, to satisfy the desire, also the karma law comes into effect. Your actions are not pure, you are consciously sabotaging and denying yourself. Then karma says, it is not pure, so you do not deserve that which you desire so intensely. In fact you play a game with yourself and the other. You play a game with love.

This is an unhealthy desire and even if the other person would join in once, you are not going to save it together. The desire to want the other is to see the other as a possession and completely ignore the person himself, who may have a character that does not suit you at all. But we do not see that, we completely ignore it.

So a desire is good, the way you want it, is important
A desire is a loss in yourself. For that reason, you want to fill in the other person, so that he or she can go wrong. Then the other person is not a supplement, but a filler. Love has a free will. Your will in this relationship is compelling and that is felt by the other person and doesn’t feel free anymore. I

In this way quarrels arise as a matter of course, because the person who desires something doesn’t notice that once it is there, he can enjoy it. The picture is never good and when the loot is inside, it has to satisfy that desire and that simply does not work.

Change the way you want what you desire
If you like someone, keep your beautiful self, do not go to the other party and long for it and follow his walks. You are not yet ready to fill in a relationship at an equal level. Feel free to call with a medium, psychic, a coach from to ask if the person you like, steps in your direction, because that mediums can see very well.

Desire is letting go
Remember that the road to it, is just a way of letting go and giving it the time and space it needs to get in touch together. And if it doesn’t come! Know that the universe doesn’t want to give it to you, because then it is not meant for you.

The universe then protects you, only we don’t understand that principle as well and go for the will instead of the free will. Because we will fulfill our desire in a wrong way.

Learn to fulfill your desires in the right way, talk or chat for that reason with a medium or psychic of

Kind regards Von