Adrenal exhaustion

Traditionally, we only had to worry about food, reproduction, our children, and making sure that we were not caught by a tiger. So be on our guard and ensure a safe living environment. The adrenal glands are still adjusted to this.

However, in the present tense, we are no longer concerned about food, reproduction and whether we have a roof over our heads in the Western world. At least not most of them and actually there is not that much work for adrenals. You would think so.

We are making ourselves very difficult at the present time and adrenal glands are working overtime in around 75% of the Western population nowadays.

Our lifestyle requires speed, the adrenal glands have to work hard for that. We also quickly worry about anything and everything. Add to that the fact that a lot of people live from a certain fear, because they felt safe in their youth. Then you understand that our adrenals regularly work overtime. We also do not take the time to slow down. We are working 24 hours a day and our engine is running.

In addition, we attach little importance to sleep, rather not, and all this together ensures that we are exhausting our adrenal glands. This translates to being tired at first. If you do not pay attention to this and you continue, you will naturally get worse from sleeping. Then you become even more tired and this process continues until you are completely burned out. we call this a burn out.

Prevention is better than cure and for that reason a few tips to prevent a burn out.

Recognize your stress, everyone knows about themselves what makes them anxious, what causes stress. If you are in a stressful period, take plenty of rest. Rest in this means emptying your head. By doing mindfulness or yoga.

Ask yourself where do I leak energy. Is that about my relationship, my work, my family? If any of these cause stress, check if you can handle it differently. after all, your health always comes first.

Schedule moments in the day that you do nothing at all. Also do not sit on your cell phone and watch. In this way thoughts are given free rein and can flow away.

Also ask yourself if you are taking good care of yourself, or whether you are protecting your limits. dare to say no. who knows, you might want to have everything down to the last detail, that is why you are heading for a burn out.

Also know that your enthusiasm, no matter how crazy it may sound, can cause stress. Recognize that in yourself and take time off.

Eat well and healthy at regular times, the same goes for sleeping. use as few medicines as possible, all debris for your body.

If you want to talk about it once, you can do so with a Mastermedium medium or psychic. there are those who work as a stress counselor.