As free as a bird

They also have to fly if necessary, so all those people must be very happy. Then you actually become a person, because you have to be on guard all day. And I don’t want that, because I want to be free, I want to be a bird.

Especially those large birds with their huge engines, you have to be careful about that. I believe that people fly around with it, they will feel just as free as we birds. Will you report, she will never succeed. They are so skilled in the nests that they are a big bird, but they are not.

Man is tied to something, the losers, with hands and feet. Have they ever thought of it once, as far as that is concerned, we birds are much smarter, even though they, humans say hey, that we have no sense. We are really free, not the human being.

They are chained to everything. They have to pay for their house. Their partner, afraid they would not be loved otherwise. Their children, which they did take, but they just belong. Look, if I have children as a bird, I take care of them, then I teach them the things they need later when they fly out.

I have been studying those people from a distance, in the sunshine, on such a strong branch and do you know what you see? Children, they are all inside, staring behind such a screen, you know that! The sun is shining, I love it outside, it gives me energy. And then those parents, they do exactly the same thing, we chatter together, people don’t even talk to each other.

Yes they occasionally call something, you also want coffee! And they snarl, yes, because they are derived from that blue screen. No, just give me the freedom, because oh yes, I was telling you that people are not free at all. They have invented something that we birds will never start with. I will never tell you again.

They have come up with a means of exchange, you can see us going to trade birds. May I have your red currant, you will get this blue one from me. I eat my own berries that I find and trade, no, that just makes you cry. We birds don’t start with that. Let each of us value ourselves and each other. That’s what we stand for, we birds. We have a simple rule. Take good care of yourself, do not let the berries eat from your plate and take good care of your offspring so that they can do everything later when they are on their own.

We are far ahead of humans, we birds, we never surrender our freedom for a means of exchange. You see the same thing every day, we birds see something different every day and you never know where you end up. That is freedom, not every day in that traffic jam. We birds, we fly together, but then we still have plenty of room. You see them sometimes school together anyway, together we are strong.

The person who thinks he is strong, but is not, is dependent on everything and doesn’t give himself anything. Is worrying all day long and not enjoying it, like us birds. We are not concerned about anything. We birds do that many times better. Dependent on nothing, taking good care of yourself and if anything is less, we are responsible for each other. We are such a very large swarm, you’ve probably seen that before.

What does man do when they have less. They sit moping and think that someone else is better. No, I am happy that I am a bird and do not depend on anything. We birds will never think of that, we will watch out for that. Otherwise you hand in everything of yourself.