Consequenses of lying

If you receive an education in which there is little room for love, warmth and affection, in which your opinion does not count, in which you are only addressed if you do something wrong, so you always get upset, then you will automatically lie.

You sometimes wonder how someone else can lie like that. It is obvious that the other speaks words, that side still touches and gets away with it. These are also the notorious liars. But no matter how crazy it is, because of all those lies that are printed, on the other hand you can sometimes be jealous of the easy way in which those liars stand in life. They often get a lot more done than you, who always stay so neatly within lines.

And then you are an adult and you are expected to act as an adult. That also includes a relationship, only how do you deal with that partner? How are you going to maintain that relationship, if it has become common for you to lie! If you have had too little love, warmth and affection in your youth? That is an almost impossible task. And how are you going to hold your ground when you find it normal to say something different from what you do?

If lying is something that is easy for you, you already experience a very double feeling, let alone for the people around you. Because no matter how you turn it around, lying doesn’t make anyone happy, even though it has become a habit. You say things that have an effect on your pure interior. That is going to wring and at some point this will take revenge.

Visibly people, things will disappear from you for a moment. A storm rages invisibly in you, without first being aware of it. Until the moment comes when you fall through the basket. And then, learned habits do not disappear just like that, you will first have to be aware of yourself and only then can you adjust them.

Before we get that far, we have often come a long way in which hurt and not getting our way are regularly reviewed. The effect of lies is very big. It would be very good to get help with the change. Then you gain insight faster. You don’t have to leave the house for that help. You can chat or call with an online medium.

Many relationship are built on lies, that falls over at some point. The partner soon realizes that things are not right. But the liar is often manipulative and can bring things in such a way that the partner starts to doubt himself. And from the love for the other, lies that are told are felt, but are not immediately picked up.

Every lie is one too many. Lying is because we don’t dare to be honest. If we have not learned to be ourselves. Then lying is quickly lurking. Do you experience in your life that things are not going the way you would like? Then be very honest with yourself and ask yourself: Do I speak the truth?

If your answer is no, then get started to break this nasty habit and regularly chat with a top Mastermedium and why? A Mastermedium is a light worker and can very well give you the insights for change.

They will not reject you for telling lies. Fortunately, the threshold for change is low and you quickly understand that honesty is the best police.