Fearless soul

Fearless soulEvery soul is fearless, that is how the soul comes to the earth and will leave again in that way. The shell of the soul can cause the soul to walk around with fears for a while. But then it is not the soul that walks around with it. it is the shell in which the soul lives that is fearful.

If you now know that you have a soul, then you also know deep down that you don’t have to be afraid of anything. that all the fear that you have is imagined.

We have many fears in our lives. We gain joy in our lives. the reason that man cannot hold joy and fears does, has to do with the fact that man has an ego that dwells in his thoughts.

The ego likes to stir up anxiety and sow panic. It does everything to not let you live freely. your soul can be snowed under by this. If your soul gets the stocking up too often. too often criticized, rejected too often, the fear takes hold of you and it is in your mind.

Your soul will never scare you. It will always give love to you, no matter if you deny your own soul, yes or no. Because now it comes, if you let fear prevail over your soul, you are denying yourself.

Not as a child, but as an adult. As a child you are unable to change anything about a situation. Sometimes yes, but that doesn’t happen. As an adult you have that power. We just don’t use it. It is a habit to let fear prevail and let go of your soul.

But this does not catch your soul, it will give you love. It will give you lessons on your path, over and over, until you become aware that you are hurting yourself, by wanting to hold on to fear.

If you have received little love in your life as a child, or perhaps too much love, the fear comes up. Your soul is suppressed. Then you step into the world and you think you are an adult. but unfortunately, you dare not stand up for yourself. Relationships fail because you are naive, too kind. All signs of your soul, that is, you do not see what you are doing.

Your soul continues to support you, accepts your choices, adjusts when it is needed and never denies you. let your conscience speak. Will all accept your anger, your irritations. Because the soul knows that it will be all right in the end.

Your soul knows no fear and the human does not have to fear either, because there is nothing to be aggressive about. How nice it would be if you always let your soul speak. what would happen then, what would your life look like!

Ask that question to a Mastermedium, who can tell you exactly how your life will get a different form, as soon as you follow your soul. What feelings you will experience with it. What it will look like on an earthly level. How pure love will feel. How you will love yourself, purely and simply because you follow your soul and are not afraid of anything anymore.

Life itself knows no fear, it is the person who first has to go through many fears, before he understands and applies the principle of life.

Learn it, preferably now, our time here is limited and even though it is never too late, the sooner the better. Turn to a Master of a medium that the soul has already found in itself. A Mastermedium can tell you how you can get there too.

You don’t have to reinvent that wheel yourself. you will have to get more awareness yourself. That goes with trial and error. But the Mastermedum catches you. So don’t be afraid of falling, you don’t really fall. It’s just your thoughts about it.