Follow the heart and the soul

Follow the heart and the soulIf you are struggling, tough at the moment, you can lose the connection with your heart and neglect your soul. You will have to dare to choose the connection yourself in periods when things are not going well for you.

Don’t let the fear guide you. Don’t let your thoughts drive you crazy, with all the emotions underneath. You have a wound, that wound is there, that only heals you if you continue to follow your heart and pamper your soul.

In difficult times our head will get the upper hand. We experience stress, uncertainty, we don’t know anymore. For that reason we completely lose ourselves. We ask everywhere what we have to do. There is only one who knows that, and that’s you.

You know exactly what is good for yourself, your heart knows it, your soul shows you the way. But if you are not forbidden with it, others will show you the way. That is not your way. You will regret that later. No matter how difficult it is now, breathe in, breathe out, stare ahead and wonder, what’s really so bad.

I’m still, I’m healthy. I have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in. I can eat and drink. yes, I have lost my beloved. I may have lost my job. But does that mean that I also have to lose myself?

Do I now also have to give up on everything? Those questions that are going to give the answer, then you continue to hear your own heart and listen to your soul. Nothing is the end of the world, nothing, as long as you are still in good health.

As humans, we can drive ourselves crazy, while that is not necessary at all. We run on, making the threshold for change so many times bigger. We then no longer see anything in the right perspective.

Your heart beats for you, just for you. your heart wants to give you all the love of the world, don’t reject it. Your soul is your companion, the one who likes you and will never let you down.

You abandon your heart and soul. you reject them !. You are no longer connected to it because of all your thoughts. Be kind to them, give them what they need.

They need you, that very happy, fearless person who is not afraid. Who can handle the world, who gets admired wherever she goes.

But then you must dare to admit it again. Then you first have to come to terms with your heart and soul. And that means taking time for yourself. Stop coming up with conspiracy theories. To fill in, to assume, to think that. That shouldn’t be there. Then you lose yourself.

Make contact with the spiritual world, they will help you during this difficult process. You can call and chat with the best mediums and psychics on the Mastermedium website. Do it, take that first step to happiness. Don’t let this slip away. Every second is too long.

Your time is ticking, and time is not repeating. Although another has caused the wound that is now there. you will have to heal this wound.

The whole wound together with a spiritual counselor, who will gladly provide you with wise insights. Which makes you realize what you are doing. This way you connect with your heart again. So you hear your soul again, you can embrace it again.