How important it is to choose words carefully

Words are very beautiful, especially if they are spoken with love. We feel that. We feel exactly by the intonation what the words want to indicate.

In this way we also feel that direct or pronounced words are sincere and noble. But we still believe the words we have heard afterwards.

If we have doubts, we can read words, especially those on paper, again and again to understand what the other person wants to say with them.

Speaking words is always a certain burden. Let that charge tell us much more than the words we hear. So it could just be that we don’t need words at all. They sometimes destroy more than we love. But the human being possesses the linguistic brain and if you can’t express yourself in words, you soon do not belong.

So the parents are proud of their offspring as soon as the first sounds are spoken by the little ones. They are encouraged in all sorts of ways to expand their vocabulary.

At school this happens at lightning speed, by looping, reading and learning to write down words.

We often forget that words must be an addition to what we feel and experience deep inside.
As a result, we are often unaware of the impact of the words we speak. What pressure these words can give. That our words can be painful for someone else.

How nice it would not be if we also learned how to use words. In what way, what effect can words have on another.

Then we will choose our words more carefully. We then take into account the feelings of someone else. It is therefore very important that we do not just pronounce everything numb. It is many times better to consciously choose your words. In addition to being aware of the intonation under the words.

Which facial expression you radiate with it. In this way you consciously learn to choose and pronounce the words. With this you will never hurt another.

If we do not express ourselves consciously, the other person cannot always understand our words properly and start to misinterpret. The clearer you are, the better you get the message across. There is then no room for noise on the line.

Why is that so important? It is so important because we can destroy so much with words. it is so important that we speak truth. If we don’t do this, others won’t believe us. We’re going to be ignored. Are we not going to feel ourselves seen and heard? Can we get rid of people in our lives who are dear to us?

Then we often don’t understand for a long time why things happen to us in life that hurt us. We put that to others. To find out much later that we, by our own doing, have happened to us. Because we have spoken words that were not true. What we didn’t support ourselves. Learn to speak truth, consciously choose words. Learn to speak from your heart along with a Mastermedium.