Just dare to say no

Offering a helping hand, ready for others, is a very nice gesture. do not ignore self-love. We need that as a human being in order not to miss out on ourselves in life.

We find it hard to see ourselves as a priority, we don’t get that. When we are born, everything is dominated by others. We must listen, be good, respect older people. But where are you in your own life story?

If we never say no, we have no respect for ourselves. then others don’t have that for us either. Then your goodness can be misused. Satisfying others always can cause a depression. We also need someone to lend a helping hand to us, but we forget to consider ourselves important and for that reason we have difficulty receiving help from others.

Every person needs a different person for his own feeling and self-worth. every person is happy with a compliment. By saying no, others will start to respect you and offer you something. This makes a person feel better.

If your self-esteem is already low and you say no, this will gradually decrease. Until you feel that you are not important to anyone. Nobody is there for you and looks back on you.

What desires do you have? How will you ensure that this desire is met? Is there room for it or do you always put yourself in last place and then you lack the time to get to yourself.

Always wanting to please others has a price, that is big, so big that you can fool yourself into it. That is the price you pay for it. Then there comes a time when you become intensely sad and have the feeling that no one cares about you or loves you.

In terms of relationships it will not go smoothly. never say no in a relationship, a partner will say that at some point, this is no longer fun at all, you always do everything well.

Know your own value and your limits, don’t see it as a failure to say no. You can very well assist a Master medium in this. Learn to see your own value and to work from there to learn to feel where your limits are. the next step is to dare to state it. Once you have said no the first time, you have gone through your fear.

You are certainly afraid that if you say no, others will no longer like you. you are afraid that they will look at you with a neck or criticize you. They don’t criticize you. You will find that nobody will drop you. yes maybe a few people, but then you immediately know who your true friends are.

Not worry about the opinion of another. you can’t keep everyone happy. Keep that in mind when you start saying no in certain situations. You will find that if you say no, you feel free, you get more peace of mind and others will take more account of you.

If you say no, you don’t have to give the other person any text or explanation either, you don’t have to apologize for it. You may do this in the beginning, but at some point you will notice saying no so release gives you the opportunity to stop.