The law of attraction

In fact, you both are wearing a mask. Because you do not show your uncertainty and embarrassment, you mask it. This is possible in many ways. By making yourself beautiful on the outside, by wearing challenging clothing, or by applying a layer of makeup. So you change yourself from the outside, hidden your insecure and shy inside.

That attracts people, your outside, but you attract people who are also different on the outside than they are deep inside. For example, a very tough man, with a smooth talk and an expensive car at the door, a nice suit, can be wildly attractive. You fall in love with it. But is this the right man for you?

You want that man, because you think you love that man, he has everything you want in your eyes. But you look no further than its exterior, no more than that man looks further than your exterior. He sees a woman, a femme fatale, who radiates that she is very sure of herself. Who made it in life, who dresses that she is very attractive to him.

So both look no further than what they see, because they want something and that want is now satisfied. Then it comes. Both play a play, because what you show on the outside is not who you are on the inside. So you will fall through the basket once and not just you, the other one too.

The uncertainty will play a role in this relationship. Because from uncertainty you want things that are not good for you. Only you don’t realize that yourself. This can keep repeating itself, until you are disappointedly angry, frustrated and you start to withdraw. Suddenly you no longer pay attention to your exterior. Are you no longer busy looking beautiful, watching what you eat? You even eat emotion, because deep down in you, you are so disappointed in everything that you don’t care anymore.

So you have used the law of attraction, but not in the right way. Because the law of attraction doesn’t work at all, with the will. It works together with authenticity, purity and honesty. As long as you are not yourself, you will not get what you want. And your life is a succession of disappointments.

At such moments you can no longer get out of it yourself and people start looking for help. Insecure people need others to know what to do. Need others to make decisions. But it doesn’t work.

The help is often sought by spiritual guides. There is nothing wrong with that. People who know more and can predict your future work on these spiritual sites. But what good is a future forecast that will never come true? Because as long as you are not the change and you are not your beautiful self, someone can predict what you want, it will not happen.

If you only chat or call with a psychic, or medium to want to know your future, then the higher power does not give it to you, despite the psychic indicating that it is the intention. Apply the law of attraction well. If you are chatting or calling with a medium or psychic, because in addition to your future you also want to know how or how you can achieve what you have longed for, then you are doing well. But then choose a spiritual helpline that can offer you this. Go for the best!