You shape your life through the choices you make

And yet, you do it yourself, no matter how crazy it sounds. Not only these very visible things, actually everything that is reviewed in one day, they are all moments through the choices you make throughout the day. Even if you feel that you are not making any choices at all.

If you stay in bed all day, you make the choice. Take care of the entire house or garden, you do it. Your life therefore takes the form of what you do, think and fulfill. In addition, there are circumstances that influence our choices all day long.

If you have to collaborate with a pleasant colleague, your day will be happier than having to collaborate with someone you don’t like that day. Your thoughts will determine in advance that it will not be a pleasant working day and it will not be. Because you already make the choice in advance that the day will not be pleasant.

Then you also don’t see the fun things on that day and you are happy that it is over. The way a person thinks and does, that’s where we make choices, often also unconsciously. That unconsciousness is unfortunate, because if you were to live more consciously, you would also make much more conscious choices.

Relational this can sometimes happen. We argue with our partner and for that partner the size is full. He leaves and leaves you. Yes, but I didn’t want this, I didn’t mean it that way. Okay, but who’s been arguing? He, no, you participated in it. Have you made a choice before.

And vice versa, how many people in the heat of battle don’t shout something, which they do not mean, but the other person takes it seriously. Well, you said it anyway. Then consciously thought about the words you wanted to pronounce.

In this way you make conscious and unconscious choices throughout the day, with which you shape your life. Choices dictated by circumstances. And that is precisely where it is. Acting on what happens makes a person insecure, suspicious and not happy.

You always have your life turned upside down by what happens. You don’t have your balance yourself, while the only way to hold your own in life is to keep balance. Balance in the way you react, the way you are, the way you want to do and of course balance your emotions.

If you don’t have that balance, let people make choices for you, which you do not support afterwards, which you would rather have seen or done differently. And still doesn’t listen enough to yourself. Asking a medium what you should do in a situation, you already indicate that you have difficulty with your balance.

If you would rather ask a medium or a psychologist how you can get and keep balance, then you will learn it yourself and you will benefit greatly from it. Then you don’t let others make more choices for you, from then on you make your own choices consciously.